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1. Definition

1.1 The Gran Fondo Argentina is a cycling race in which the participants are timed individually. It is organized in by Gran Fondo Asociación Civil (hereinafter the “Organizer”).

1.2. The race will be held on (TBC).

1.3 The race will take place on a 90km circuit (Gran Fondo) and on a 45km circuit (Medio Fondo), with 323m of unevenness. It will begin and end at the Hilton Hotel in Puerto Madero and will tour the City of Buenos Aires and its surroundings.

1.3 The “Organizer” reserves the right to reduce the distance of the circuit, change the route, or make any other modification if necessary. Any change in the event will be communicated well in advance before the start of the race.


2. Participation

2.1 Gran Fondo Argentina is open to all those interested in participating in the competition. It will be an essential condition to be able to register to be 16 years old at the day of the race.

2.2 Based on health prevention measures, a maximum quota of 3,000 participants has been established for the 2024 edition of the Gran Fondo Argentina. The determination of the maximum number of participants is the exclusive competence of the “Organizer”.

2.3 Every rider participates in the competition under his/her responsibility and must be in a suitable state of health to compete in a cycling race of this distance and must not have any physical or mental impediment to pedal on the circuit.

2.4 In order to participate in the race, it is a requirement to present a certificate of physical fitness signed by a registered doctor with registration authorized by either the respective authorities of their country or the Argentine Republic.

2.5. Each participant is responsible for having sufficient insurance coverage for civil liability and personal accidents.

2.6 Participants who are serving sanctions due to doping will not be able to register for or ride in the Gran Fondo Argentina.

2.7 The “Organizer” reserves the right of admission at any time. It also reserves the right to disqualify any rider who has violated these regulations. No rider who was disqualified will be entitled to a refund of the registration fee.


3. Categories

Bikes: road bike (gravel, fixie and track with brakes) 

 • 16-18 (male/female)
 • 19-29 (male/female)
 • 30-34 (male/female)
 • 35-39 (male/female)
 • 40-44 (male/female)
 • 45-49 (male/female)
 • 50-54 (male/female)
 • 55-59 (male/female)
 • 60-64 (male/female)
 • 65-69 (male/female)
 • 70-74 (male/female)
 • 75-79 (male/female)
 • 80+ (male/female)


 MTB bikes

 • 16-18 (male/female)
 • 19-29 (male/female)
 • 30-34 (male/female)
 • 35-39 (male/female)
 • 40-44 (male/female)
 • 45-49 (male/female)
 • 50-54 (male/female)
 • 55-59 (male/female)
 • 60-64 (male/female)
 • 65-69 (male/female)
 • 70-74 (male/female)
 • 75-79 (male/female)
 • 80+ (male/female)


4. Team Competition: (TBC)


5. Price  

5.1 From (TBC) registration to participate in the race will have a rate of (TBC); as of (TBC), the price will increase monthly until the day before the race.

  • Gran Fondo and Medio Fondo General entry: (TBC)
  • Official Jersey Gran Fondo Argentina: $(TBC)

The General Entry includes: timing chip, rider identification number, finisher’s medal & awards ceremony, winner medals for the first 3 places in each category, winner medals for the first 3 places in the general classification, post-ride Brunch Party, Bike Expo on June 16th and 17th.

The evento includes: closed city streets, fully equipped Feed Zone (food and drinks), checkpoint, Medical support, Mechanical support, Police support, Post ride recovery area, Bike park, Photography service by Sportograf (optional)


6. Registration

6.1 Online registration: Online registration will take place at www.granfondoargentina.com from (TBC)

6.2 On-site registration: The tickets that remain available can be purchased in person at the Gran Fondo Argentina office located at the Bike Expo (Hilton Hotel, Macacha Güemes 351, CABA), on (TBC).


7. Registration and Withdrawal of the Rider’s Kit

7.1. The registration and withdrawal process of the rider’s kit will be carried out at the Gran Expo Argentina office located at the Hilton Hotel (Macacha Güemes 351, CABA).

7.2. The opening hours will be on (TBC), from (TBC)

7.3 For the personal identification of the registrants, the following documents that are valid on the date of the race will be considered valid: Identity Card, DNI, LE, or valid Passport.


8. Cancellation Policy for COVID-19

In the event that the race should be canceled by resolution of the enforcement authority of Argentina as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, registrants may choose to: a) receive a credit, valid for two years, to participate in the next edition of the race, or b) request the refund of the amount paid according to the percentages detailed in article 7 of the Terms and Conditions of the Gran Fondo Argentina


9. Bicycles and Equipment

9.1 Bicycles: any traditional road/gravel/fixie/track bikes or MTB bikes may participate in the competition in good safety conditions in accordance with the criteria of the directors and commissioners of the race.

The following will not be able to participate in the race: 1) electric bikes (or with electrically assisted pedal); 2) bikes equipped with any type of extension (triathlon, time trial, with aero handlebars, etc.); 3) bikes in which the rider is recumbent –recumbent or prone bikes– (only for Para-cycling category) ; 4) Tandem type bikes (only for Para-cycling category); 5) handbikes (only for Para-cycling category), or any other bicycle that the organization considers to be unsafe for the rest of the participants. The Organizer reserves the right to prevent you from continuing your race even after the race has started.

9.2 Official Jersey: In this edition of the Gran Fondo Argentina the purchase and use of the Jersey to participate in the race will be OPTIONAL.

9.3. Dorsal with the Rider Identification Number: The participants must have their identification numbers duly attached to the back of their Jersey by means of safety pins or sewn directly at all times of the competition. Not using them in this way will determine the disqualification of the rider.

9.4 Identification Number and Chip on the Bicycle: the number on the built-in chip must be attached and clearly visible at all times on the front of the bike handlebar. Any alteration of the number could cause the chip to break or malfunction. Any alteration of the chip or the number will result in the disqualification of the participant.

9.5 Identification Bracelet: the identification bracelet must be worn at all times: during the race, Awards Ceremony and at the Brunch Party.


10. Security 

All participants must abide by current traffic regulations and will be responsible for all infractions they commit.

10.1 Participants must wear a rigid cycling helmet that complies with the safety standards of their countries. Helmets must be properly adjusted with their safety clips throughout the course of the race.

10.2 It is mandatory that participants carry a charged cell phone with them during the race. The mobile phone will be key when contacting the “Organizer” or the rest of the race services, in case of need, due to mechanical failure, or for medical reasons. In turn, the “Organizer” will activate a cell phone for emergency situations during the course of the race, the number of which will be printed on the Identification Bracelet and on the jersey number of each participant.

10.3 Riders must carry at least one spare tube and one inflator.

10.4 The use of headphones of any type, or similar devices, is not allowed while participating in the race and will result in the direct disqualification of the rider. It is important that participants are alert to their surroundings and attentive to the instructions given by the “Organizer” and authorities of the race.

10.5 The Organizer’s medical team will have the power to withdraw any rider when it considers that their health, or that of the other participants, is in danger.

10.6 GoPro-style cameras or camcorders must be: 1) perfectly adjusted and 2) in places that are not in direct contact with the body (under the handlebar, etc.) in order to avoid any type of accident to the cyclist and other participants.

10.7 The handling or operation of drones in the airspace of the circuit that are not expressly authorized by the Organizer is not allowed.


11. Start

11.1. The Gran Fondo Argentina will take place on (TBC). The start will begin at 06:30 am for all categories. Access to the start area and start corrals will only be allowed to those who have with them: helmet, race number with a cyclist’s number on a jersey and bicycle, and an identification bracelet already attached to the wrist.

11.2. The start corrals will open at 05:30 am and close at 06:15 am. Access to the start area will not be allowed to any rider after the established hours.

11.3 Participants are responsible for arriving at the start corrals assigned to them, based on their best pace, and entering at the designated corral before the corral closing times.

11.4. Order of the start corrals: The corrals are ordered by categories; the order of the participants in the corrals goes from youngest to oldest and according to the distinctive colors of the personal numbers of each category.

11.5. It is forbidden to enter a corral to which the participant was not assigned unless they want to move back to a slower corral. Any participant who climbs over a barricade or tries to move forward to a faster corral will be automatically disqualified.

11.6 For participant safety, once a corral is closed for entry, late-arriving participants must report to the last corral. The “Organizer” reserves the right to restrict individuals from starting late for safety reasons. Please follow the instructions of event officials when entering corrals. 

11.7 Any participant who is seen urinating or defecating in a corral may be disqualified.


12.Feed Stations and Checkpoints

12.1 Throughout the entire circuit there will be a Feed Station, located besides the tool’s booth of AU Perito Moreno (km 32 of the circuit). It will also be a Feed Station by the starting Arch. Both places are specially be designed for riders to quickly find the food and hydration they need using the shortest time at the stop. In the Feed Station riders will find the following products: fresh fruit, cereals, energy bars, and water.

 The following table details the places where the Support Stations will be located:



Gran Fondo (90K)


Medio Fondo (45K)


10.2 Throughout the circuit there will be a Checkpoint located in the place indicated in the following table. In order to continue in the race, cyclists must pass through this position within the cut-off times specifically established for it.

The participants who do not go through the Checkpoint at the indicated cut-off times will be left out of the competition and must follow the indications of the race commissioners who will remove their bib with the rider number. From there, the cyclist must get on the Broom Vehicle to be transferred to the Arrival Arch. In case of refusal, the cyclist will be riding through the streets individually, under his sole responsibility, outside the scope of protection of the Gran Fondo Argentina and without any assistance from the organization. In this case, you must respect the traffic rules and remember that it is strictly forbidden to keep riding along the circuit.

The participants who have abandoned the competition must wait at the side of the circuit to be picked up by the Broom Vehicle and taken to the place of arrival.

The following table details the places where the Checkpoint will be located with the respective cut-off times:




Gran Fondo (90K)

TBC am

TBC am

Medio Fondo (45K)

TBC am

TBC am


13.Times and Results

13.1 All participants will be timed using a chip (electronic detection system) from the very beginning of the race. At the time of registration, the registrants will receive, in their rider’s kit, the timing chip with the instructions for its placement.

To allow the timing chip to function properly, the placement instructions must be followed precisely. Although the chip is very high-tech, in some rare cases it may not detect the rider’s data. In the event that this situation occurs, the participant’s race time may not be included within the official times in the competition ranking. The Organizer is not responsible for this circumstance.

13.2 The chip will be activated when the rider passes through the Start Arch and will remain active until they cross the Finish Arch; This chip will be detected by different antennas placed throughout the circuit and will allow the participants to be monitored to establish their partial and final times.

Both the positions of the General Classification and the times of each category will be determined according to the official time. Only cyclists who complete their respective routes will be considered for the results of the competition. General results and rankings will be available after the race is over.



14.1 The following riders will be awarded:

  • Gran Fondo Argentina and Medio Fondo: first three men and first three women in the general classification.
  • Gran Fondo Argentina: first three men and first three women
  • Para-cycling Tándem (one category): first three men and first three women
  • Para-cycling Handbike (one category): first three men and first three women
  • Gran Fondo Argentina (competencia por equipos): first team.
  • Gran Fondo Argentina (competencia por equipos): team with the most cyclists.

14.2 For there to be an award for a category, it must be made up of 3 or more participants.

14.3 Champion Jersey: the first man and first woman in the general classification will also receive the champion Jersey. This Jersey may be used to participate, without registration fee, in the Gran Fondo Argentina that will be held in the following year.

14.4 The distribution of the prizes is at the sole discretion of the “Organizer”. The prizes will be delivered in person to the winners during the Awards Ceremony; under no circumstances may they be removed by another person, or sent by mail.

14.5 Any controversy in relation to the order of arrival will be analyzed and resolved by the race director; the decision will be final and unappealable. It is the responsibility of each participant to familiarize themselves, prior to the race, with the regulations and the circuit. Using alternative routes, shortcuts and /or not going through the Checkpoints will determine the disqualification of the competition and could lead to the impossibility of participating in future events organized by the Gran Fondo Argentina.


15.Modality of Hydration

The Gran Fondo Argentina policy for hydration during the race takes into account the preservation of the environment, for this reason it has been designed exclusively based on Feed Stations arranged throughout the entire route. This means that the riders who want to receive this service will have to stop and reload their bottles at these stations. No bottles or glasses of water will be delivered to the riders. Private assistance is expressly prohibited for reasons of road safety and preservation of fair competition. Any infraction of this regulation will result in a 15-minute penalty to the runner assisted in infraction.


16.General Code of Conduct

16.1 Participants accept each of the articles of these regulations and undertake to participate in an honest way, to travel the entire circuit before crossing the arrival arc, and to respect traffic regulations.

16.2 No participant may be disrespectful to the personnel involved in the race: the directors, judges, commissioners, officials, flaggers, public order forces, other cyclists, volunteers, and spectators.

16.3 No participant may use inappropriate language, physically attack, or maliciously execute unsportsmanlike maneuvers, regardless of whether or not they result in harm, to any person related to the organization, including, but not limited to: other cyclists, directors, judges, stewards, officials, flaggers, staff, volunteers, or spectators.

16.4 Any inappropriate conduct that deviates from this code of conduct may lead to the disqualification of the participant and the impossibility of participating in future events organized by the Gran Fondo Argentina .


17.Specific Code of Conduct

17.1 Cyclists must behave in accordance with current traffic laws, respecting the indicative signs and the indications of the traffic officers and flaggers. Violation of this rule will determine the disqualification of the offender.

17.2 It is totally forbidden to drive on the shoulder of the circuit. The violation of this rule will determine the immediate disqualification of the runner. The shoulder will be exclusively used for the circulation of ambulances and/or security personnel in case of emergency.

17.3 No participant may make abrupt or abrupt maneuvers to interfere with the progress of another rider, either accidentally or intentionally.

17.4 Any participant who is considered a risk or danger to other cyclists may be disqualified by the “Organizer” at any time during the race.

17.5 No participant may push or pull another rider or his bicycle, nor may he provide any other assistance that involves physical contact between riders.

17.6 For reasons of safety of the participants, the circulation or permanence of vehicles, or people, will not be allowed along the circuit except those affected to the organization of the race.

17.7 If a participant is lying on the ground or is in visible difficulty, the riders who follow him must stop their ride and call the security officers or ambulance, unless there are other people assisting him.

17.8 Any conduct that deviates from this Code of Conduct may determine the disqualification of the participant as well as the disqualification from participating in future events organized by the Gran Fondo Argentina.


18.Use of Prohibited Substances

18.1 The Gran Fondo Argentina is interested and concerned about having a drug-free event that improves the performance of the riders. Enhancing performance with the use of drugs is prohibited both before and during the race. The “Organizer” reserves the right to comply with doping controls at all times: before, during and after the competition.

18.2 Any violation of the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) rules will lead to disqualification, claim for prizes, and a permanent ban from participating in future BAC Grand Fund events.

18.3 Any participant who refuses to take the test will be expelled from the race.

18.4 A participant who tests positive for doping must reimburse the cost of the doping control. Likewise, it must reimburse the Organizer for any damage to its reputation as a result of the result.


19.Green Event

The Gran Fondo Argentina is a “Green Event” that is organized and implemented according to very careful criteria of sustainability. Special consideration is given to:

  • Preservation of the environment
  • Resource efficiency
  • Waste management
  • Improvement of the local environment 
  • Social responsibility


20.Environment and Respect

20.1 Respect the Environment. In order to generate a minimum environmental impact, participants must place waste (organic and inorganic) in special containers located in the start, finish and Feed Stations area. They must also refrain from throwing trash into the circuit during the entire tour.

20.2 Respect neighbors and /or workers in the area through which the circuit runs.

20.3 Respect the volunteers, collaborators, security personnel, flaggers, forces of order, organization staff, and all personnel, as well as other cyclists and spectators.

20.4 Respect Support Stations. Only take the essentials to get to the next station.

20.5 Participants who do not comply with these rules may be disqualified and removed from the race by the Organizer.


21.Aerial Filming

All Gran Fondo Argentina riders acknowledge having been informed that on the day of the race, both the “Organizer” and its broadcasters can use unmanned aircraft (drones) to film the competition.


22.Acceptance of Risk, Regulations and Terms

22.1. Every rider who participates in the race under these regulations acknowledges that he does so assuming the risks that this type of activity entails. Consequently, the “Organizer”, its directors, stewards, agents, officials, representatives, or sponsors are not and cannot be held liable for loss or damage of any kind suffered or caused by cyclists, competitors, participants or public attending the race.

22.2. By signing the registration form, the participant declares to have read, know and accept both these regulations and the Terms and Conditions of participation in the Gran Fondo Argentina. They include that the participant:

  • declares to be in a suitable state of health to carry out the physical effort involved in participating in a test of this distance and characteristics.
  • is solely responsible for the care and custody of the material with which the test is carried out, including the loss or deterioration of personal objects, as well as theft, robbery, loss or other circumstances.
  • undertakes to comply with traffic regulations, ensuring their safety and that of the rest of the participants and users of the public road.
  • is aware that there are dangerous sections where he/she must exercise extreme caution, as well as long descents with curves where he/she will moderate speed in order to avoid your own and/or others’ damage. Participant also knows that there are sections in which the state of the route may not meet the optimal safety conditions, and expressly excludes the Organizer from responsibility for any damage suffered due to the poor condition of the roads, or due to a defect in infrastructures.
  • is aware that there is the possibility of suffering a sports accident inherent to cycling, assuming personally responsibility for accidents that may be caused to them, another participant or third parties, exempting and holding harmless the Organizer and/or any natural person or legal related to the organization of the event, of any responsibility derived from these accidents.


23.Modification of the Rules

These rules may be modified due to organizational, logistical, dates, route needs, etc. The “Organizer” reserves the right to modify these rules at its sole discretion, in whole or in part, as it deems necessary. Likewise, the right of admission is reserved.

Updated: June, 23rd, 2023