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We are passionate athletes who seek to contribute to improving the quality of life in our country.


Gran Fondo is a non-profit organization made up of athletes and lovers of outdoor activities that promote the practice of sports as tools for social development.

The city of Buenos Aires positioned as a worldwide benchmark city for cycling, both nationally and internationally, by the year 2027.

• Encourage people to practice sports to combat the negative effects of sedentary lifestyle.
• Promote tourism and knowledge of the heritage and culture of Buenos Aires City through the practice of recreational and competitive cycling.
• Encourage the use of bicycles as a regular, safe, healthy, and ecological means of transport.




Matías is a social entrepreneur with two motivations: to support the development of NGO's in Argentina, and to encourage people to play sports and protect the environment.

Matías believes that both grassroots and NGOs are fundamental actors for the development of communities. With that vision in mind, he obtained a Masters in Management of Non-Profit Organizations (San Andrés and Di Tella Universities, 2001) and for more than 20 years he has been collaborating and supporting the work of non profit organizations in Argentina. He was the creator and director of the Caritas Emergency Department (1998-2004) and Coordinator of the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives in Argentina (Canadian Embassy, 2002-2010).

In February 2018, Matías summoned outstanding athletes to Mt. Aconcagua (6.962m.)to bring the flag of the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games to the mountain's top. The “Summit Aconcagua” project successfully achieved its objectives of promoting sport, and raising funds to help the Baccigalupo foundation to improve their work with children with intellectual disabilities.


(Race Producer)

Gaby is the founder and CEO of Gaby Castillo Producciones, a company that produces top-level sporting events, such as: "Gran Fondo Argentina 2023"; "Gran Fondo GFNY San Juan 2019"; "Ruta 40 Challenge" (bike riding 5,163 kilometers, in 5 stages, with its cycling students between 2015 and 2017) and "Ruta 40 Women Solo Record 2011"

Throughout her sporting career she has stood out in tetrathlons (six-time champion of the Chapelco tetrathlon in the years '03, '04, '05, '08, '09 and '11); ultramarathons (Los Andes ultramarathon: 1st place -2009-); mountain bike races (Double Mountain Tour: 1st place -2009-) and multi-day races representing our country around the world: New Zealand Southern Traverse (2001), Fiji Islands Eco Challenge: 11 days non stop multidiscipline (2002) and World Championship of Portugal, competing for the Argentine mixed team (2009).

The finishing touch to her long and successful sports career came when he cycled 5,163 kilometers along Route 40 in Argentina. Once crossing provinces in just 34 days, it was a feat that has not been equaled by any other woman yet.



Mariano Pagani is a Business Administrator, teacher in show production and General Manager of MP Productions, the leading events management company and producer of our event.

Mariano is a fan of soccer, running, and cycling. He traveled the entire route 40 by bicycle (2014), run the Chapelco Tetrathlon (2013), and raced several Gran Fondo races around the world.

He was the producer of the three world tours of "Casi Angeles" (Cris Morena and the Group & RGB), Manager of CIE - Rock & Pop ("Los Miserables", "Chicago, el musical", "La Fura del Baus", etc.), and Tour Manager of the company De La Guarda in Korea, Japan & Australia”.

Mariano has also been responsible for the production of the most important musical events in Argentina, such as "Despertar de Primavera", "Avenida Q", "Eva, the great Argentine musical", "Peter Pan" and "Aladin". He produced most of the Disney shows live, for whom he developed, executed, and distributed "The House of Disney Junior with Topa and Muni", "Topa in Junior Express", "Art Attack Experience", and "Violetta in Concert", among others.

Mauro Ayesa

(Circuit Director)

Mauro Ayesa is an expert in race management and sporting events organization. He is also an all-terrain athlete passionate about sports, especially motorcycling (he ran the Dakar Rally in 2015) and adventure sports, a discipline with which he competed on two World Cups (Brazil and Australia). Mauro's sports career:

2014: Dakar Series Rally (challenge Rute 40 from Bariloche to San Juan): 16th place; Argentine Enduro Championship: 2nd place;

2013: Dakar Series Rally (challenge Rute 40 from Jujuy to San Juan): 23rd place; Tetrathlon San Rafael: 1st place; Argentine Sailing Championship (Rally San Juan Pocito): 1st place; Pentatuel (swimming, motorcycle, kayak, MTB, run): 2nd place; Argentine Navigation Championship (Uspallata Rally): 4th place; Argentine Sailing Championship (Rally San Luis): 2nd place.

2012: Adventure Race XK Race 500Km: 1st Place; San Rafael Tetrathlon 1st Place, Pentatuel (Swimming, Motorcycle, Kayak, MTB, run): 3rd Place, Bariloche Tetrathlon: 3rd place; Chapelco Tetrathlon: 6th Place.


(Director of Social Responsibility)

It is a great honor for the Gran Fondo Civil Association that Dr. Marta Barontini is serving as vice-president and director of social programs.

Marta received her medical degree with honors from the University of Buenos Aires in 1959 and began her career in medical research under the patronage and direction of Nobel Prize in Medicine winner Bernardo Houssay. He spent his entire career in the Endocrinology Division of the Ricardo Gutiérrez Children's Hospital (CEDIE) as a member of the CONICET Researcher Career, reaching the category of Superior Researcher, and making her talent available to all people in need of access to health care.


(Training Director)

Tomás graduated in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires and has a specialization in Management of Non-Profit Organizations (UdeSA-Di Tella-CEDES).

He currently directs the Center for Innovation and Development of Companies and Organizations (CIDEM) at UNTREF.

Tomas was general coordinator of the Technological Managers and Linkers Training program in the AMBA region (GTec Metropolitan Headquarters) and deputy coordinator of the same program in the Buenos Aires Province region (GTec CUBA).