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1. What is "Gran Fondo Argentina"?

El Gran Fondo Argentina es una carrera de ciclismo que recorre la ciudad de Buenos Aires en un circuito totalmente cerrado al tránsito que ofrece dos distancias de carrera: 120km. (distancia larga) y 55Km. (distancia corta). El evento ha sido especialmente diseñado para que puedan participar corredores de todas las edades, condiciones físicas y habilidades.

La competencia cuenta con todas las características de las carreras profesionales como largada en masa por categorías, chip para el registro de los tiempos parciales y totales de cada corredor, Estaciones de Apoyo (comida e hidratación), asistencia médica y mecánica. Cientos de corredores, espectadores y voluntarios dan al evento un marco único y muy especial.

2. What does it mean that the Gran Fondo Argentina is a non-profit race?

El Gran Fondo Argentina fue creado y es producido por Gran Fondo Asociación Civil, una organización sin fines de lucro que promueve la práctica deportiva como herramienta de desarrollo social. La carrera tiene un fin solidario ya que apoyará económicamente a la Fundación Estéban Bullrich y a la escuela “EFA Tuclame” de Córdoba.

El 100% de las ganancias de la venta del jersey oficial del GF Argentina serán donadas a la fundación Esteban Bullrich para comprar dispositivos de seguimiento ocular y de síntesis de voz para los pacientes con ELA (Esclerosis Lateral Amiotrófica) que no pueden comunicarse debido a la parálisis de los músculos del habla.

También se construirá un playón deportivo en la “EFA Tuclame” de Córdoba que permitirá a sus alumnos realizar actividades deportivas y recreativas.

3. When will Gran Fondo Argentina take place?

El Gran Fondo Argentina se realizarán el día domingo 13 de octubre de 2024.

4. What are the objectives of Gran Fondo Argentina?
  • To promote the use of bicycles as a means of transportation in cities.
  • To promote amateur cycling in Argentina in general, and in the City of Buenos Aires in particular.
  • To encourage people to move their bodies, reducing the effects of obesity, including improve blood pressure and other factors that deteriorate their quality of life.
  • To raise funds to support the social projects mentioned above (FAQ #2).

A recent study by Deloitte (Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Predictions 2020, page 118/131), one of the largest consulting firms in the world, has highlighted the important role that bicycles will play in the coming years in easing traffic congestion and improving urban air quality and public health, especially in cities as they become more heavily populated.

5. What is the distance of the race?

We have designed two circuits so that all levels of riders can experience the exhilaration of pedaling through the streets of Buenos Aires City: Long Distance (120Km.) and Short Distance (55Km.).

6. What level of cycling do I need to compete?

The level of experience required for this race depends on the goal you want to achieve. There are people who participate in the competition for fun or to pedal along a street circuit closed to the traffic. And there are also riders who are competing to win.

7. What is the minimum average speed that I must ride to be able to finish the race?

Long Distance (120Km.): average speed of 25 kph.

Short Distance (55Km.): average speed of 20 kph.

8. Do I need a license in order to participate?

No at all! Anyone can participate

9. What types of bikes are allowed at Gran Fondo Argentina?

Riders are able to choose from a selection of bikes including road bikes, gravel bikes and MTB bikes, assuming the bike is in good condition.

The following bikes are not allowed: 1) electric bikes, 2) bikes equipped with any type of extension (triathlon, with aero handlebar), 3) bikes on which the rider is recumbent (recumbent or prone bikes); 4) tandems and handbikes are only permitted for “Para-cycling “category.

10. Is there a minimum age require to register?

Long Distance (120Km.): 18 years old.

Short Distance (55Km.): 16 years old.

11. Where and how do I register?

Register online at www.granfondoargentina.com

12. Are there different categories?

Yes, there are different categories according to the age and gender of the competitors. All the categories are detailed in point 6 of the Gran Fondo Argentina’s rules.

13. How much does it cost to participate?

From April 19th, 2024 until April 30th at 11:59pm (Argentina time) registration to participate in the race will have the rate below shown; as of May 1st, the price will increase monthly until the day before the race.


  • Long Distance (residents in Argentina & Uruguay): ARG135.000
  • Long Distance (foreigners): U$S 174
  • Short Distance (residents in Argentina & Uruguay): ARG102.000
  • Short Distance (foreigners): U$S 129
14. What day and time does the race start?

The race will be held on October 13th, 2024 at 6:00 am

15. What are Feed Zones?

Throughout the entire circuit there will be Feed Zones specially designed for riders to quickly find the food and hydration they need. All Feed Zones are built with the same layout and contain the same products: fresh fruit, cereals and water.

16. What happens at the finish line?

Right after you cross the finish line, our volunteers will offer you both food and hydration; then they will give you the “Finisher” medal, and they will escort you to the Awards Ceremony and the Brunch Party.

17. What are the "Awards Ceremony" and "Brunch Party"?

At the end of the race, and after receiving the “Finisher” medal, the riders will be directed to the Bike Fest, located in Parque Mujeres Argentina (Puerto Madero), where the Award Ceremony and Brunch Party. There, the winners will receive their medals and all the riders will enjoy a delicious breakfast to replenish the calories consumed on the ride. In addition, there will be raffles with incredible prizes.


18. Will there be official photographers along the circuit?

Yes, the organization of the Gran Fondo Argentina has signed a contract with SPORTOGRAF to take pictures of the riders during the race.



What is and who receives the official Gran Fondo Argentina jersey?
The Jersey is the official shirt of the Gran Fondo Argentina. Its use is NOT mandatory during this edition of the race.

The maillot has a very careful aesthetic which represents, in a minimalist way, the most famous icons of Buenos Aires City. Every year our creatives will develop a new design, making the jersey, and each race, a unique event.

Technically, the maillot is extremely light and ergonomic, adhering to the body without being too tight or constricting. It is made of high-end materials with lightweight and breathable fabrics that wick away moisture and provide sun protection.

Can I wear my own jersey during the race?
Yes, riders can use their own jerseys.

Can I try on the jersey?
Yes, you can try on the jersey in the fitting room at the Expo.

What happens if the size of the jersey I ordered fits me wrong?
A limited number of jerseys are available for exchange. If the jersey you ordered does not fit well, you can change it at the “Jersey Exchange” table. If we don’t have a jersey in the size you need, we will give you the one that fits best.


Where should I go to register for the race and pick up the Rider Kit?
Registration will at the expo, located besides Plaza Reina de Holanda (Puerto Madero), CABA.

Can someone else sign up for me?
No, for security reasons  you must register in person.

Can someone else pick up the Rider Kit for me?
No, each participant must personally collect the Rider Kit. Very specific exceptions may be made but must be previously authorized.

Which documents should I bring to register?
• Identity document with photo (Identity card, DNI or Passport) that is valid to date.
• Certificate of physical fitness signed by a doctor with registration authorized by the respective authorities of his/her country.
• Form “disclaimer of responsibility” duly signed. In case you do not bring the form, you will be given a blank form at the registration; Please review it, fill it out, and return it signed.

What will I receive at the time of my registration?
When you register for the race, you will receive the Rider Kit with the items listed below. After receiving the kit, please, check everything carefully and make sure your personal information is correct. If you wish to make any changes, you can do so at the “Registration – Change of Information” table.

  • Gran Fondo Argentina official jersey (if you purchased it during the inscription)
  • Dorsal number with timing chip.
  • Adhesive label with number for your bike.
  • Identification bracelet, which will be attached to your wrist at registration and must be worn until the end of the race. The bracelet has the organization’s emergency phone number printed on it and will serve as ID during the race and your entry ticket for the Bike Park, Brunch Party & Awards Ceremony.

If you have any questions about the event, please visit the “Information” table.


Will the race take place if it is raining?
Yes, unless we experience a force majeure, the race will take place even if it rains. In the case of a force majeure, the competition will be suspended for the safety of the participants.

Will the hotels suggested by the Gran Fondo Argentina provide transportation for cyclists to the starting point of the race?
No, the hotels recommended by the organization do not offer transportation to the starting point of the race. However, if you stay at the Hilton Hotel in Puerto Madero, you will be few meters away from the start line.

Where can I park my vehicle?
There are many places to park your car. The parking lot that we recommend, due to the proximity of the start and finish line, is the one below the Hilton Hotel in Puerto Madero.

Which services will be available at the starting area of the race?
The start and finish arc of the Gran Fondo Argentina will be located at the Hilton Hotel. There, you will find:
• Sanitary ware
• Mechanic service
• Medical service
• Bike Park
• Cloakroom: to receive the transparent bag with the rider’s personal items. Gran Fondo Argentina is not responsible for lost or stolen items, so we recommend that you do not place valuables in the bag.

What time should I arrive at the starting area?
The Start Corrals open at and 04:50 am and close at 5:50 am.

Once you get to the start area, remember to use the toilets, leave your bag in the cloakroom, and head directly to the start corrals.


What happens if I don’t arrive before the closing of the Start Corrals at 5:50 am?

Unfortunately, if you arrive after 5:50 am to your Start Corral you will have to start from the last Corral. If you arrive after 6:00 am, you will not be able to be part of the race.

The Start Corrals are arranged by category and will be marked with highly visible signs. The order of the riders in the corrals goes from youngest to oldest and according to the distinctive colors of the personal numbers for each category.


Will the circuit be closed to vehicle traffic?

Yes, the circuit will be closed to vehicular traffic.

What is a Checkpoint? Is there a minimum speed that I must maintain?

Due to road closure timing, there will be Checkpoints strategically set along the circuit. In order to remain within the race, riders are required to pass by that location within the designated cut-off times.

Long Distance’s riders must maintain a minimum average speed of 25 kph. while Short Distance’s riders must maintain a minimum average speed of 20 kph.; otherwise they will not reach the minimum cut-off times established by the organization.

Long Distance

  • Check Point 1: “Ingreso al Paseo del Bajo” (Km. 55,2): cut off time 8:30 am
  • Check Point 2: “Estación Pampa” (Pampa y Lugones; Km. 71): cut off time 9:30 am
  • Check Point 3: “Ingreso a AU. 25 de mayo desde Av. 9 de Julio sur” (Km. 92): cut off time 10:05 am
  • Check Point 4: “Estación Peaje Avellaneda’” (km. 103): cut off time 10:45 am

 Short Distance

  • Check Point: “Estación Peaje Avellaneda’” (km. 35): cut off time: 8:30 am.

Riders who have abandoned the competition must wait at the side of the circuit to be removed by the Broom Vehicle.

What should I do if I cannot continue pedaling?

If you are feeling good physically but want to leave the competition, we recommend you ride to the Feed Station and, once there, leave the race (NEVER RIDE BACK IN THE DIRECTION OPPOSITE TO THE CYCLISTS). At the station, you will be provided with food, hydration, medical and sanitary assistance.

In the event that you are not feeling well, cannot continuing pedaling, and find yourself between feed stations call the emergency number written on your identification bracelet and we will send you an official vehicle to pick you up. Please, provide the operator with the mileage or intersection of streets where you are so they can easily locate you.

What should you do in the event of a serious accident or emergency?

If you are involved in or witness an accident or any other emergency, please, CALL 107. The Emergency Communication Center (SAME) will ask you about the type of emergency and your location.

What should you do in case you have a minor accident that is not life-threatening?

At the Feed Station and at the start and finish arcs there will be ambulances to assist the riders and public.

If you have an accident and you can continue riding, the fastest option will be to continue riding to the Feed Station where you will be properly treated.

If you have an accident that is not serious and does not require an ambulance to take you to the hospital (but that prevents you from continuing on your bike) you can call the emergency number written on your identification bracelet and we will send you an official vehicle to pick you up and take you to the Feed Station to be assisted by a doctor.

What should I do in the event of a mechanical failure?

In the event that you have a mechanical fault that you cannot solve yourself, ride to Feed Station and our mechanics will check your bike and attempt to repair it. It is recommended that you carry a basic repair kit with you during the race.

When and where can I find the results of the race?

Winners will be announced during the Awards Ceremony, between 10:00 am and 11:30 am (estimated). The complete results will be published on the website www.granfondoargentina.com by October 14th, 2024.