The Gran Fondo Argentina is a "Green Event", organized and implemented according to very careful criteria of sustainability. During the implementation of the race, special consideration is given to:

• preservation of the environment
• resource efficiency
• waste management
• improvement of the local environment
• social responsibility


In order to generate a minimum environmental impact, we have arranged green and black containers in the start area, Feed Station and Brunch Party, and we encourage participants to place their organic and inorganic waste in the proper receptacles.

The race regulations expressly provide that any participant who throws waste on the ground during the race will be disqualified and removed from the race.


Gran Fondo Argentina will carry out a "Reuse", "Reduce" and "Recycle" awareness campaign on through specific signage along the circuit and in the start/finish area.


Gran Fondo Argentina’s mechanics will be traveling through the circuit on their e-bikes to provide assistance to the participants who require it.


The Gran Fondo Argentina policy for hydration during the race takes into account the preservation of the environment. For this reason, it will be a Feed Station strategically located throughout the circuit. Participants who require this service must stop at the station and recharge their bottles with the hydrant trucks located there. No bottles or disposable cups will be provided to assist the riders.


We have arranged to minimize print communication; consequently, all the communications and the logistics guide will be made available only in electronic format.


At the end of the race, Gran Fondo Argentina's staff will go through the entire circuit, collecting the waste and any debris that may remain as a result of the race.