The organizers of the Gran Fondo Argentina are constantly working to ensure that the race takes place in the best possible conditions, guaranteeing the health and safety of the riders, the staff, and the attending public.

To this end, we have adopted the prevention measures suggested by the health authorities of the Argentine Republic. These measures require us to modify some aspects of the race to reduce the clustering of people and avoid surface contamination.

Please read carefully and agree to the following steps before registering in the Gran Fondo Argentina.


In the event that the organizers of the Gran Fondo Argentina should cancel the race by resolutions of the enforcement authority of the Argentine Republic as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, each registered participant may choose one of the following two options:

1) receive a credit, valid for two years, to participate in the next race of the Gran Fondo Argentina, or

2) request a refund of the amount paid according to the percentages detailed below:

- From the opening of the registration until April 18th, 2023: 50% refund.
- From April 19th to May 31st, 2023: 30% refund.
- From June 1st to race day: no refund, but you will still receive a jersey.


Riders are required to respect all COVID-19 prevention measures, such as wearing face masks in specially indicated places (see below), disinfecting their hands, and respecting two-meter social distancing. Participants who do not comply with the indicated measures will not be able to participate in the competition.


In order to enter the registration area, registrants must make a reservation by visiting the website, where they can choose a specific day and time for this purpose.

All those registered in the race will receive the exemptions by email, which they must print, sign, and present at the time of registration. Capacity is limited, so riders can only be accompanied by one person. 

In the registration area, the staff of the Gran Fondo Argentina will implement sanitary prevention measures that will include temperature control, disinfection of clothes and shoes, and use of alcohol gel on the hands. 

It is important to remind all participants that the use of face masks will be mandatory to enter the registration area and must be used at all times covering the nose and mouth. They must also respect the social distancing requirements of two meters.


Registrants will be able to scan a QR code with their phones where they will find the bib number assigned for the race. To avoid crowds, QR codes will be located both outside and inside the registration area.

At the entrance door to the registration area, our staff will verify that each person who enters has a face mask on and will proceed to take their temperature (if it is detected that you have a fever when you arrive at the entrance gate to the registration area, you will not be allowed to enter the place or participate in the event, regardless of whether or not you were infected with COVID-19. In this case, the amount paid for the registration will not be reimbursed but you can use the ticket to participate in the next edition of the Gran Fondo Argentina.

Once you have entered the main registration area, signs will indicate each step in the registration process.

Once you are registered, you can collect the rider's kit and exchange your jersey, if needed. Please make sure to respect all social distancing regulations (these will be clearly indicated). Our registration staff will have complete sanitary equipment including face masks, masks, and gloves in order to safely deliver the rider's kit in a hygienic way.

5. THE DAY OF THE RACE (June 18th)

Race day is here! 

In order to guarantee the safety of all participants, we have established special sanitary filters before the entrance gates to the start corrals. There, the staff of the Gran Fondo Argentina will take the temperature of all the participants and will verify that the participants comply with the measures provided in this protocol (if it is detected that you have a fever, you will not be allowed to enter the start corral or participate in the race, regardless of whether or not you were infected with COVID-19. In this case, the amount paid for the registration will not be reimbursed but you can use the ticket to participate in the next edition of the Gran Fondo Argentina). 

Please, make sure you have your face mask on, you are wearing the official jersey of the Gran Fondo Argentina 2023, and have your bib number and bracelet clearly visible.

 Once you have been allowed access inside the start corrals, find the corral that is the same color as your bracelet. Make sure you are within a social distance of two meters. While waiting inside the corral, please keep your face mask on until the race begins. Once the competition starts, you can remove your face mask, but place it in the back pocket of your jersey as you will need it to enter to the Feed Zone, checkpoint and the recovery area after the race.


For the safety of the riders, at the Gran Fondo Argentina Feed Zone we practice all sanitary measures such as the mandatory use of a face mask, social distancing of two meters, and constant disinfection.

The Feed Zone will have multiple access lines and a one-way traffic flow. All food will be individually prepackaged and arranged on the tables in such a way that riders can collect them quickly and safely.

 Each service point will contain the same food and hydration options available to reduce the need to change locations or approach another rider. The staff of the Gran Fondo Argentina will be in charge of constantly replenishing the food and periodically disinfecting both the tables and the other points of contact.

We also invite all riders to bring their own food and drink.


The chemical baths will be installed with a one-way flow with an entry and exit path; there will be hand sanitizer available at all times.


Once you cross the arrival arch, volunteers of the Gran Fondo Argentina will give you the “Finisher” medal and will guide you to the recovery area where there will be snacks and hydration specially arranged on the tables, applying the same protocols as at the Feed Zone.

 Please remember that in the recovery area you must wear a face mask and respect the social distance of two meters.

 At the awards ceremony, individual, pre-packaged meals, will be provided for the Brunch Party.


These COVID-19 prevention measures may be reviewed, updated and/or modified at any time without prior notice. We advise you to visit our site periodically to stay informed.